Thursday, 30 April 2015

Awesome Technology Invented by Teacher

WALT:write a lead paragraph of a news report
Byline: Lani Puri, Pt England School Room 6

Thursday the 30th of April 2015,Mr Goodwin introduced the class to a new technology to room 6 students (Literacy) at pt england school. This new technology was about makey makey kit using fruit so, what happened he put on wires on the fruit then he played a game tetris by using a control by  taping the fruit.

Our task was to write about a new technology that our Teacher had showed us It was cool.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Water Cycle

WALT: Present information in different ways

Our task was to talk about what a water cycle looks like and explane what it is. Heat from the Sun causes water on Earth (in oceans, lakes etc) to evaporate (turn from liquid into gas) and rise into the sky. This water vapour collects in the sky in the form of clouds


WALT:  Identify the main points of the text

Today our task was to research different kind of games and I have learned how to identify the main points of the text.We had to explain who made it, what kind of popular games and when it was made in.we had to gather those things and make a poster/card.My one was just PS3.I Hope you like it         

Lest We Forget

WALT: Remember The People that died for us

Why did they die for us?They died for us to protect our country. William Arthur Ham was the first person to die in first world war 1.  He was only 22 years old and died to protect his family. He was shot on the 3 February,During the New Zealand Expeditionary force's first experience of active combat in the war.


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Immersion Assembly

WALT:write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.
Intro- Have you ever been on a hovercraft before? Well today in assembly it was a crazy morning.  Because we don’t usually have food in assembly. Keep on reading…

P1. We lined up outside ready to go to assembly. As we started some of the teachers were baking and the prefects were giving it out to us and issa was controlling a drone helicopter with a phone.

P2. The teams started and Team one was up first there topic was a healthy body and healthy park and healthy food. They started to hand out some food like healthy food. Then It was time for team 2 and there topic was winnie the pooh there was Tigger, Eeyore, Winnie the pooh, Piglet, Roo and Owl.

P3. It was team 3’s turn their topic was about minions. The team 3 teacher’s were in minion suits. Team 4’s topic was about wet lunches and how wet lunches and can be better.So they made a video game about how we can make it better.

P4. It’s time for team 5 there topic was a army and how they can make team 5 better.Then Mr Barks came up and show us his experiment and that was how you can kind of fly but you're just on the ground and what he used was a leaf blower and it was awesome.

Conclusion. My Favourite part was when Mr Sommerville was in a videogame and Mrs Jacobsen slapped Mr Sommerville but fake.

This task was to write about our immersion assembly because it was our first day back to school and it is awesome.

Monday, 20 April 2015

First day back to school

 WALT:write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.
Have you ever been on a hovercraft before? Well today in assembly it was a crazy morning.  Because we don’t usually have food in assembly. Keep on reading…

Marked By: Rosalina

This introduction is about our immersion assembly and about term 2 and what our topic is this term.