Monday, 11 December 2017

Inspirational talk - Andrew Patterson

Once again we have the lovely Mr Patterson come in today with a special guess an ex Point Englander Raenan that now attends one of our local schools Tamaki College. They both came in today to talk to us about college and making good decisions. Raenan talked about setting goals and achieving them, Also Raenan's experiment throughout his 4 years in college.

Raenan talked about his experiment going through college and all the changes it made in him. Mr Patterson asked Raenan questions and one of the question was "How did you feel when you first walked through the gates of Tamaki College". His answer was that he felt nervous but at the same time he was learning more and taking big steps towards his learning.

His talk really inspired me as a student going to Tamaki College next year. It gave me more confidence to step up and set a goal for me. Focusing on learning and trying hard was one of the key things Raenan talked about. Raenan set a goal for him and he actually achieved it, as he was announced as Deputy head boy at Tamaki college. That inspires me to set a new goal for myself in the future as i want to become a head girl at Tamaki college.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Time for decimals

WALT:Use different strategies to solve addition and subtraction word problems AND decimal addition and subtraction.

Perspectives and Opinions

WALT: I am able to identify the  ideas opinions of author and share my own in comparison.

Last week was the Tonga vs England game for World cup semi finals. It was one of the toughest games I've ever seen. It was also one of the biggest crowds ever in 22 years! 

Friday, 1 December 2017


During this term one of our inquiry learning intentions were to focus on which music affects how you feel, We had to choose 6 different emotions and had to match our feeling to that type of song.  Look at my presentation that I have done.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Personal best!!

Have you achieved your personal best in athletics?Events such as Discus, shot put, sprints, high jump and etc. Personally doing you best would be working your way up and giving everything a try.

There is many different events where you would have to try your personal best, maybe in some events you would have to work harder than before as there is many competitive people to compete against. Working towards a event that you are not good at would make you a lot stronger than other activities.

Staying calm in events would be a great way of concentrating on winning, even if it means you coming last then always keep it humble.It’s not always about coming 1st, 2nd or last, trying your best would still make you a winner.Simply training and focusing would make you better at making it into anything.

Other ways to do your personal best is to keep track of your records, so in the previous years you could keep track of what you come in the year. It will be easier to keep looking back at what you have done best and keep on improving. Improving your best and keep on making goals for yourself. Maybe one day you could become a great Olympics person if you just try your best.
Achieving your personal best, giving anything and everything a try would make you best. Remember doing your personal best can be anything it doesn’t have to involve sports, you could achieve anything anytime meaning Test, school, sports and etc. There are my points of how to do your personal best.


WALT:Use a range of reading strategies to answer the questions, Use the process of elimination to find the 'best fit' answer

Monday, 13 November 2017

Guy Fawkes

WALT:connecting and comparing.  I relate information and ideas from texts to my own experience to form an opinion.