Friday, 15 September 2017

Area L3

WALT:Find the area of objects

In Maths this week we have been learning about finding the Area of the objects.I have learnt alot of things about finding the area. Check out this presentation to learn more about "Finding the area".

Cross Country!

Bright colours filled up the netball courts.We’ve been preparing this for 2 months and and it’s finally here.Funky wigs and costumes on display. Standing in front of the whole school is really nerve wracking seeing people just stare at you.

It was a hot and beautiful day, seeing the little children run around.After everybody sat down my heart starting racing. As the house captains one by one finished saying their chants “it's time for the 1 girls to run” Mr burt said. With the all the help of the house captains every last person who would come last we would push to try there best.

As time passed it was already time for the year 8 girls to run, as we got to the starting line my heart just started beating fast as if I was running a marathon. Just as we ran through the gate my legs started to hurt and it felt like I was gonna die. People telling me to keep on running gave me more energy to run.

The second lap was here and I was trying my best to not stop and just run the whole thing. The finish line was right ahead and I gave it my all and sprinted to the finish line. I was past the finish line and I was so happy that I finished it. The whole school was being great supporters and also all the parents, I was so blessed that we all had a great day.

My Final Speech

Should students be allowed to wear mufti jumpers in winter?

Decile one schools, with a lot of under privileged students is just the beginning of my argument. Expensive uniforms that is non negotiable for parents, wearing mufti jumpers is just asking for a detention or a warning.  

Isn’t it ridiculous that us students are not allowed to wear mufti jumpers at school? Well I think that students should be allowed to wear mufti jumpers in winter because you will not only be cold but you may get sick and for those who can’t afford jackets due to money issues at home. Students have only one way of keeping themself warm and that’s by wearing a mufti jacket or jumper from school.

One of the Parent struggles is trying to afford their own child a jacket for school because of college fees, buying food and paying bills. It’s getting cold and children are still arriving at school with no jumper or jacket. Children end up getting ill and obviously that problem starts when your child doesn’t wear enough warm clothing when they arrive to school.

Parents with money problems is the worst part of this situation, they have problems affording valuable objects and can’t afford a jacket and other things important like this. They then should be allowed to bring a mufti jumper/jacket to school, To keep warm and prevent from getting sick.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Tongan Language Week

As I came to school I had a feeling something good was going to happen. It was tongan language week today and the theme for this week was ‘Fakakoloa Aotearoa “Aki” Ae Nofo, Ai Kainga” meaning Enriching Aotearoa with our family values.

In team 5 we had a lot of amazing talented Tongans in our block.In the time of the team 5 assembly, none of our fluent Tongan speakers wanted to stand up and pronounce the theme. Only one out of heaps of Tongans in our space would say the theme. Mrs Tele’a was really disappointed because hardly any Tongans showed dignity and pride towards their culture.

Thing we learnt during that week was to not be afraid to speak your language. Thankfully throughout the week most of the Tongans improved on getting really useful to speaking their language. A few of our Tongan students in our space gathered a Tongan group to perform a special item on friday. As their lunch times brakes were taken off them to practice for their item, we could hear their amazing haka’s and they also took the opportunity to show pride in their culture. We couldn't wait to finally see what they've done.

The day was finally here and we were all impressed on what they have done and we couldn’t believe what our Tongan students set this whole performance in three days, All their hard work paid off. I learnt a lot of things about their culture and what it means to them.

Over the days they showed more courage and pride in their culture. We taught other to not be afraid of their culture and language and just speak it instead of being scared and afraid, gladly we all had an awesome and amazing week of learning about the Tongan culture.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Understanding negative numbers

WALT: understand negative numbers.

This week we have been learning about how to understand negative numbers and how their different to positive numbers.We learnt how to add and subtract positive and negative numbers using a number line. 

Monday, 14 August 2017

Night Light

WALT:Identify features of a non-fiction text

This is a presentation that I have done about what the moon can do to our planet and the different stages of how the moon travels our earth each night. Our group had to read a school journal and answer the questions we were given.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


WALT:Use Geometry words involving directions

 This week in maths we have been learning to understand scaled maps. We also have been learning to use geometry words involving directions.