Thursday, 9 June 2016


Happily skipping down the street was a little girl named Emily. Emily walked by the store with a picture that looked just like her,she we quiet and confused .She thought of it, but when she looked back the picture was gone.She saw it swooping through the air Emily followed it.The piece of paper went to an old big shed near the store. When she took a step in the shed. The wooden door closes she gets scared and tries to get out calling for help. No one could hear her, terrified and scared. She waited for a little bit until she heard someone running pass the shed.''HELP HELP HELP'' Emily called out.The runner stopped but looked around, he couldn't hear her because he had his earphone in his ears so then he just kept on running.There was a wood on the ground she picked it up a smashed it on the door a the door was smashed open and happily she got out.