Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Ambassador Application 2015

Malo e lelei my name is Lani and I’m 9 years old. I have 1 sister her name is Roimata, I have 3 brothers and their names are Tupuia,Damien And Campbell I live with my mum her name is Marion I am Cook island. I want to be an Ambassador because I would like to learn the experience and to share my learning with others. I am good really at speaking in front of other people like visitors,and memorising scripts. I have really good confidence in myself that helps me with my talents and values  

     I think Learn,Create And Share is important because we are learning new stuff,and creating thing on our blogs to share with the world. I would like to travel around and learn new things about New Zealand . An Ambassador means everything to me, because I want to show Mrs Burt that I can be the best Ambassador she has ever had like being responsible,Welcoming Visitor and being on time to school,  I love to strive to succeed.

My favourite blog post is Listening and drawing Exercise. I love this blog post because I can listen to the instructions and think about what things go where on my piece of paper. Here is the Link

Monday, 1 December 2014

Good Friend

How to be a good friend?I’m going to explain three ideas to you.

To be a good friend you have to do the right things like welcome them in class if they are new,be polite to them and respect them.For example if you don’t look after people that are new then they won’t be welcome to Pt England that‘s why you have to look after them.

When people are hurt you have to go and see if there alright because that’s how you be a great friend is about.For example if someone be’s mean to you tell someone so they can help you, so you don’t get hurt from them.

If someone needs help with something tell a friend so they can help you.You have to Use your W.I.T.S to be a good friend you have to take Responsibility of them.For example if you don’t take Responsibility of them then they won’t be your friend    

If someone in your class want’s a fight and you didn’t do anything just tell a friend so they can stop the fight and you can play with your friends.For example if you end up in a fight then tell you brother or sister so they can help you.

To be a good friend you have to do three thing and those three things are stay future focus learner,Help other people and be sensible.