Friday, 24 October 2014

Use my brain,use my heart,I’m going to be cybersmart

What is use my brain,use my heart,I’m going to be cybersmart mean?I’m going to explain three main ideas about cybersmart.

Use My Brain:
Using our brain is an special.You should think ahead before you  write something because if you go online you might get a nasty email.For example:Someone might write an inappropriate message like I hate you and your ugly ,you should do the right thing like to tell the teacher.

Use My Heart:
Using our heart is an important thing.You should do 100% in whatever you do,never give up.For example if something is hard give it a go,because next week the test is coming up and we have to try our best.Do your best at the test.

Being Cybersmart:
Being Cybersmart helps me to be a smart person,and it will change your life like doing good on your netbooks and being kind with others online.Do the right things,look and think,saying positive words to other people and using your W.I.T.S.

Use my brain,use my heart,I’m going to be cybersmart.For example If you write a nasty email online it will stay on there because it’s a digital footprint.

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  1. Well done Lani. You thought really carefully about what this korero means to us here at Point England.