Monday, 30 May 2016

Revolution Tour

When our lunch break was over we had to go to the hall for a group that was called Revolution Tour.They were going to do a perform for the year 7&8 Point England students. The host's name is Reggie Dabbs.

Reggie was talented by playing the Soprano saxophone.The songs that they sang was Let it go,Problem,One call away,Lean on,Sorry and heaps more.Then he told us about these messages like boys and girls are different because ladies can drive more better men, and he also said that a lady would wreck her car trying to save a cat and a men would wreck his car trying to kill a cat. Reggie told us about when he was little that he mum gave him away and she still had his other siblings.To me that was really sad,I thought that I was going to cry.Later on he told us saying, “I CAN,YOU CAN,WE CAN, I GOT YOUR BACK”.Reggie is a great and a funny person.The revolution tour made my day even better.


The squeaking noise of the door opens, As Alma walks in the room trying to look for the doll. Trespassing into a strange room filled with all these dolls on the shelves. Desperately wanting to have the doll.Walking towards the doll as something interrupts her, a doll riding a tricycle that looks old and scary, she picked him up and let go of the bike.As she lets go of the bike something else happens, it gets strange because the bike zooms straight out of her hands and\;.Then she looked back and sees that the doll wasn’t there it was in the middle of the other dolls. She gets on the chair and slowly reaches for the doll.Heavy breathing, and panicking Alma doesn’t know where she is.


 Illuminate dancers 

“WOW” the Point England students screamed as the I illuminate started dancing as all the light turned off. Some visitors all the way from America had came to perform at Point England School. They were called the illuminate, dancing and glowing in the dark. The reason why these people were at our school was because the director has been watching our technology learning and thought it was awesome. So she brought some friends, the illuminate to perform at our school.

These dancers were talented by the hip hop actions like street dancing . They were also creative by their costumes wearing full black and glowing in the dark. These people were good at inspiring little kids by telling them that not to be shamed about their selves. They also inspired me! While I was watching the moves, I was asking a question to myself. “How long did it take these people to learn these moves”. When the lights came back on the dance was over. “Ooooohhhhh” the kids moaned, they wanted to see more. Now that I have seen illuminate dance they are my favourite dance group now.

Sailing the Pacific

WALT:I can retell the main ideas in my own words.

This presentation was part of our reading activity.The book that we read was sailing the pacific.It was about our ancestors being the greatest navigators in history.Go through the presentation to find out more about what the book was about.  

Friday, 27 May 2016

Wool and Nail art

Wool & Nail art, the year 7's and 8's are focusing on art this term. We rotate around trying other different activity, today Rm 4 has been working with wool and nail art.

How we did this - We used a paper that looked like a star and with 11 nails and a hammer we nailed down the edges and from then onward we had difficult problems making our shapes.As you see it we have made a star shape with a hexagon in the middle 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Water Worries

WALT:  I support my answers with evidence from the text.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Butterfly Effect

WALT:I support my answers with evidence from the text.

This Presentation is about a lady that wants to become a butterfly.Two kids named Emily and Henry has to stay with Mrs Anderson because Their parents had to go to a weeding up north.The favourite part that I liked was when Emily and Henry saw that Mrs Anderson In a cocoon.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Year 7 Fun Week

The sun is up and it’s time for the year 8’s to leave to go to Marsden for their leadership camp,which means the year 7’s  were left for 3 days of having fun and to show we were now the leaders of the school.

Finally it was nice and quiet without the year 8’s .As the day started fun we got a chance to watch a movie called Boys 2 Men while eating popcorn and all the lights were off. The movie was  funny and amazing at the same time but sadly had to watch some of the movie the next day. We had to learn what we didn't like about the movie and what we liked about the movie and what was the purpose of the movie.

The next day was really fun because we had to make these pretty flowers and stick them to a garden net which we put on the poles to welcome back the year 8’s which they were coming on the last day of school.The colours were beautiful and amazing.It was morning tea time and we had to finish it off the next day which was the day the year 8’s were coming back.

The last day was here and we watched the full movie and it was sad because someone dies.We had to finish off the flowers and put it on the poles.After that was morning tea and after morning tea we had to pack away all the stuff in the classrooms and put the tables all together to get ready for us to all eat together.We
ate all together and it was really nice because we had mice, cheese and pasta.It was delicious and amazing thanks to Mrs M. The day was over and the year 8’s were here.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

This morning the whole school gather up in the hall for a Immersion Assembly. Our theme for term 2 is art and the four waka's.

Team 5's item is about art and the 4 waka's that represent the four colours like Hinemoana,Hokulea,Te Aurere and Hikianalia. All the colours competed against  each other and had a race to learn about the waka's which was Hokulea that won the race then came Hinemoana, Te Aurere and the last one Hikianalia.

The other items that we had was Team 1 which they were talking about what their favourite things where.Team 2 was next and they were talking abour the seasons which was Winter,Summer,Spring and Autumn.Team 3 was talking about building houses and grand designs.Also team 4 where talking about comic books with art and also you know about team 5's Item.

How I felt about the Immersion Assembly was really funny and cool.The favourite Team that I liked was all of the teams because some was funny, cool, amazing. and awesome.