Monday, 2 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

This morning the whole school gather up in the hall for a Immersion Assembly. Our theme for term 2 is art and the four waka's.

Team 5's item is about art and the 4 waka's that represent the four colours like Hinemoana,Hokulea,Te Aurere and Hikianalia. All the colours competed against  each other and had a race to learn about the waka's which was Hokulea that won the race then came Hinemoana, Te Aurere and the last one Hikianalia.

The other items that we had was Team 1 which they were talking about what their favourite things where.Team 2 was next and they were talking abour the seasons which was Winter,Summer,Spring and Autumn.Team 3 was talking about building houses and grand designs.Also team 4 where talking about comic books with art and also you know about team 5's Item.

How I felt about the Immersion Assembly was really funny and cool.The favourite Team that I liked was all of the teams because some was funny, cool, amazing. and awesome.

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