Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Year 7 Fun Week

The sun is up and it’s time for the year 8’s to leave to go to Marsden for their leadership camp,which means the year 7’s  were left for 3 days of having fun and to show we were now the leaders of the school.

Finally it was nice and quiet without the year 8’s .As the day started fun we got a chance to watch a movie called Boys 2 Men while eating popcorn and all the lights were off. The movie was  funny and amazing at the same time but sadly had to watch some of the movie the next day. We had to learn what we didn't like about the movie and what we liked about the movie and what was the purpose of the movie.

The next day was really fun because we had to make these pretty flowers and stick them to a garden net which we put on the poles to welcome back the year 8’s which they were coming on the last day of school.The colours were beautiful and amazing.It was morning tea time and we had to finish it off the next day which was the day the year 8’s were coming back.

The last day was here and we watched the full movie and it was sad because someone dies.We had to finish off the flowers and put it on the poles.After that was morning tea and after morning tea we had to pack away all the stuff in the classrooms and put the tables all together to get ready for us to all eat together.We
ate all together and it was really nice because we had mice, cheese and pasta.It was delicious and amazing thanks to Mrs M. The day was over and the year 8’s were here.

This writing here is about the year 7 fun week and about the year 8 leadership camp.Left here was the year 7's.We had a fun, amazing and awesome week with the teachers.The fun part that I liked was eating mice and chesses pasta with all the year 7's.

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  1. You all had a busy but fun time as year 7! I'm so glad to read about all the neat things you were able to participate in. Lani how did you feel about the 3 days? Was it useful for you and others? Do you think we should do something like again?