Monday, 30 May 2016

Revolution Tour

When our lunch break was over we had to go to the hall for a group that was called Revolution Tour.They were going to do a perform for the year 7&8 Point England students. The host's name is Reggie Dabbs.

Reggie was talented by playing the Soprano saxophone.The songs that they sang was Let it go,Problem,One call away,Lean on,Sorry and heaps more.Then he told us about these messages like boys and girls are different because ladies can drive more better men, and he also said that a lady would wreck her car trying to save a cat and a men would wreck his car trying to kill a cat. Reggie told us about when he was little that he mum gave him away and she still had his other siblings.To me that was really sad,I thought that I was going to cry.Later on he told us saying, “I CAN,YOU CAN,WE CAN, I GOT YOUR BACK”.Reggie is a great and a funny person.The revolution tour made my day even better.


  1. Dear Lani,
    Great Work! I like the way you have described the revolution tour, and I also like the way you have wrote in bold letters “I CAN,YOU CAN,WE CAN, I GOT YOUR BACK”

    Keep it up!!

  2. Hey Lani' You have been working hard. That is nice to see you meeting with the Relation crew. They do have some great moves. Keep up the wonderful work Lani.