Wednesday, 4 June 2014


For the last four weeks class 9 has been having badminton. ’’Wooh’’i shouted.On Tuesday the 27th of may class 9 went to badminton.When we got there we to listen to our awesome instructor Danny he was really cool.We always go there so we can make our brain stronger,and we can learn and be fit.

 When we got to the hall we do our warm up called stuck in the mud.Then after our warm up danny teaches us how to use the racket’s and shuttle.He’s teaches us a lot of skills and a lot of games like this on time we played around the world.That heaps of fun.

 The thing that really enjoyed was knowing how to play badminton and learning how to aim properly to serve.The other thing that i really enjoyed was playing with the racket and shuttles and having fun with my friends that was really cool. I need to get better at learning how to focus on aiming,backhand grip and balancing.

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