Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Immersion Assembly

Can humans survive on other planets? What would it be like? Would it be like living underwater. Protecting earth from dangerous things like asteroids and meteoroids could damage our land and also our world. Everything living on it would be destroyed. Talking about space is all based on what we are focusing on this term in Pt England school.

Most informative Team 4:
In immersion assembly I thought team 4 was most informative.The reason why I think there item was more better than all the other items is because team 4 teachers hooked us on more information about what they are going to study about this term

Most entertaining Team 5:
Today in our immersion assembly I think team 5 was most entertaining. The reason why I thought team 5’s item was most entertaining is because they had more movement and action in their item. I thought they had good information about what team 5 is going to study about this term.

What are you looking forward to finding out about this term: This term I am looking forward to learning about our topic and what it means to me.. Guardians of the galaxy to me means being guardians and good role models to everybody especially towards younger kids and that they would follow and be good role models and guardians to everybody else.

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