Thursday, 18 September 2014

Our School's Cross Country

Has your school ever had Cross Country Before?It was Cross country  last week Thursday it was a very hot day and the grass was muddy.”Yay” It was the year 5 girls turn. When Mr Burt said “On your marks Get Set Go” I felt nervous when I ’’ran,but” I was going to try my best.

During the race we had to run to the ‘’reserve,’’ ‘’While I was running I could feel the mud squishing between my feet.It was a 1.5km I said to my self‘’That is a very long run’’.I was exhausted.With  burst of energy I ran 100%,sprinting across the field.           

Our school is divided in to house colour Like  Takitumu (Yellow),Te Arawa (Red),Tainui (Blue) and Mataatua (Green).My house colour was Te Arawa (Red).

It was the next day when it was Friday and we had assembly.That’s when Miss Va'afusuaga pronounced the winner’s In 4th Place was Te Arawa, In 3 place was Tainui, 2 place was Maatua and in 1st place was Takitumu ‘’good for you takitumu your team was very good’’ I said.

I had a really awesome day at cross Country next year I hope I do lots of training and eat lots of healty food.In cross country I enjoyed running it was fun.

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