Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Super Powers

WALT:write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.

The kind of super powers I want is invisible because I like can do anything I want like not going to school,or I can go anywhere on a plane like go to any Island or country.The best Island i want to go to is cook island because there beach is awesome and there island is beautiful too.

If I had a power like invisibility,I will feel like a normal person.
When you are using this superpowers, it feels like you can just do anything you want to or do something bad or good.You can’t see what your super powers look like but you can use it on something or someone.

Rubric Marked By: Rosalina

I would use my powers to help the world and if anyone was in danger I will help them.I will keep my home town safe,like for example if someone was trying to take a little kid then I would already be there.If someone was attacking  another person then they won’t see me because I will be in front of them and I will take them to the police.

I think this power would be cool to have like invisible.Invisibility is cool because you can help the people that are getting hurt or people that you care about.My faviourite part of this story is writing about super powers.Hope you enjoy my story.

I have learnt about how to write paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.Today we wrote a story about super powers and what kind of powers we liked.We focused on one main paragraph so we could craft it.the whole class sat down and we wrote for 11 minutes of silent.

What I learned about this learning is was I learnt how to write and use juicy,exciting words.I learnt how to focus on my learning with silence.

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