Friday, 26 June 2015

The amazing game of Super Mario World

WALT: Effective Paragraphs
Wow first time playing super mario today, this is a awesome game. In the olden days (like the 90s or the 80s) super mario world was like in the top 7 games. I think you know what i’m talking Super mario.

Do you want to know how to play mario.So you have to play on a keyboard on the keyboard you will see arrow key that’s what you use to jump,Down,Walk.If you want to pause you press P .So you want to kill the bad guys you have to jump on them.If you want to get the mushroom then you have to hit the mystery box so you can get it.

The aim of the game is how many levels you can do and how many coins you can collect especially the mushrooms because it can make you bigger and bigger,but  if you dodge it then you can move on to another level and you can keep on going or if you get caught by the bad guys you have to restart the level that you came from the beginning.   

Whoa awesome pant you got there mario. This is a game character and I’m going to show you what he looks like so what he looks like is he where’s a hat that is red and his M on his hat that is white.He also has black hair,so what close he wears is a red t-shirt and blue pants.His s hjum hoes that he wears is brown with also has big eyes. Hold up he has a awesome mustache too. He is also italian.

Some people think that this game is not cool but for a fact it is pretty cool because you can do lots of cool thing like you can play different kind of games that have mario in it.My Favorite part of the game is well playing the game because you can move on to the next level and kill the monsters.Well hope you enjoy my

I have learnt how to write effective paragraphs.We came together and see how many paragraphs we can do in 3 minutes this task was asking me was how to write effective paragraphs.The whole class mange to finish.

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