Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Dark Forest

It was a warm morning ,The family,lived in a nice house but lived near a dark forest. Bella, James and their parents wanted to go for a walk to exercise their legs, so they went for a walk through the dark forest.It was really quiet, but when they were half way they heard a noise coming from the trees.

The monster saw the family walking and sneaked at the back of them and took Bella ,she was screaming .The monster ran and the family tried to chase after it, but it was still running and it was to fast.They all stopped and the monster ran away with Bella,Their parents and James was crying and really upset.

When they were walking back so sad, they heard screaming coming from the tree.So they followed the screaming and found Bella strapped up to a tree and the monster was looking for other people to take.


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