Thursday, 8 December 2016

John Key

WALT: Update our self's in current events.

Yesterday John Key resigned as New Zealand prime minister because he said ‘‘ It was time to take a step in his career and spend more time at home with his family. He has spent 10 years including 2016 as leader of the national part.A Prime Minister's duties include presiding over Cabinet meetings, meeting official foreign delegations to Ottawa and answering questions in the House of Commons.

If I was prime minister I care more about homeless, work on what people are getting compared to what other people are getting and also rivers.In the rivers we have to stop polluting the water and take care of the water works.I don’t think that I would do the right maths to figure out the amount of money, for anything that needs to be provided for the river procedure.

If I were prime minister I would make more homeless shelters in New Zealand.In the shelters they would provide food, clothes warmth and much more.I would try my very best to give more jobs to the homeless.All these things can change with a little bit of hope.
The task for this week was to write about being prime minister.We write about the problem we would change,laws we don't like and things like that.My main problem is in the third paragraph. Some problems New Zealand face are hard but the views and landscapes are incredible

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