Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Duffy Theatre

WALT:Follow the structure of a recount to produce a piece of writing

Intro-Has your school been to the the Duffy theatre before? I am going  to explain 3 main ideas about what we did.On the 9th of February,There was some year four classes there and some senior classes came.When we went in the hall we sat down and  we played simon says for a few minutes then they introduce themselves and then they started the show.

P.1 Then Duffy ran out with a few books and his guitar and introduce his self we sang the Duffy song It was fun and cool. Duffy was reading a book about Egypt then Antonia came in dressed up as the Queen of Egypt  .It was hillarys.

P.2 Then Sienna came and duffy was there to ask her what was her favourite colour favourite animal,her sports,the things she picked with about t.v.Then she was getting into reading books and think of a garden with a lady and her name was the gardening lady. She was funny because she was singing a song called tinka tinka tinka tinka la la la it was hilarious because she said ‘’you with the funny hair’’ we were laughing heap’s.

P.3 Then Duffy was talking about Zombie Apocalypse because if you do or don’t  read the you will turn into a zombie.Sienna hated reading so much she didn’t even know It was a library It was raining and she had Nowhere to go.Then they started to rap it was a amazing rap because she had a lot of Ideas of think of making a song up.Then Duffy told the computer to come and guest who was the computer it was Antonia.

P.4 The show ended and Sela said a special speech to the Duffy actors my favorite part was when the gardening lady came out and she sang the song and when we sang the duffy song.

I have learnt that reading can take you to places you can never imagine.Also that you can follow your dreams so you can be brainy and smart.

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