Thursday, 5 February 2015

My Holiday Hightlight

WALT: I learnt how to write a piece of writing.

I am going to explain three main ideas about what i did in the holiday.In the holidays I went to Point England beach with my family.

1. It was a very hot sunny day,when I always go to the beach I love it because I like to do bombs off the rocks and Love to swim with my two brothers.After we finished swimming in the water my two brothers were going to play touch I didn’t play because I was tired.

2.Then we had dinner for dinner we had fish and chips and chocolate it was delicious.I was very full because I had too much food,Then I went for a little sleep then I woke up.My faviourite thing to do at the beach  is play games because it is very cool and fun that’s why I love playing sports.  

3.When I went for a swim there was water from the beach coming in my mouth it was disgusting because I swelled It and it came in my nose.When I dived in the water It felt like I was free because it looked like I was dreaming.I love going to the because we do different kind of thing at the beach.

4. It was really amazing going to the beach because it was really fun.My faviouite thing to do at the beach is swimming and diving and.It was cool playing touch and eating fish and chips and chocolate.

Our task was to write a recount about our holiday highlight using lot of details

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