Thursday, 26 March 2015

News Paper Challenge

WALT:write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.
Have you ever had a newsPaper challenge In your Class? First we Came in our literary class then Mr Goodwin told us to put our netbooks away in a safe place, We Only had eight Minutes and we only had a little bit of time.

Then he gave us the materials, The materials that we had was Scissors, Masking tape and newspaper. Then we got into five groups in my group I had Rosalina, Presayus, Olivia, Venetia and me.

Our group which is my group started with a triangle then Mr Goodwin gave us an good idea which was the bass. The bass is good to use because if you don’t have a bass and you're building a tower or something. Then it won’t stand so its best to it, I couldn't wait until our tower was finish because it was standing still.

When Mr Goodwin told us to stop we were all ready finish so that was cool, My group was doing a shape and it was a triangle shape with a bass, then it was out  of another group and they won so we were nearly close to winning.

That was really fun doing the paper challenge the bit that I liked was when we were building the tower it was fun and amazing.

This task was to write an introduction that makes your author interested in your writing and make them read mare about you writing.

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