Friday, 20 March 2015

Year 5/6 Camp

WALT: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.
Intro-  Have you ever been on a camp with your friends on the field at school?  Every year when you are a year 5 or 6 there is a camp, This camp was still going on for 25 years chant.

P1.  When we sat down Mr Burt did the karkia then Mr sommerville told us where we are going.We had some parent helpers and teachers too,were we camped, we camped at school.     
P2. My Favourite highlight about camp was The consent because my group which is Matapono e did cool dance moves and everybody else did cool one too. Did you know that we had to get up early as so we can do jump jam.

P3. My Favourite highlight about camp was doing cooking,Cooking is my favourite thing to do because when you do the ingredients its fun because you can mix and do anything else.   

Conclusion. I thought that camp was awesome.My Favourite part of camp was doing kayaking with my friends.  

This writing was about camp this year.I hope you have a great time when you go to camp next year.

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