Friday, 8 May 2015

James Nepal Interview

WALT: find proof of the authors message.

James is a boy who is 12 years old that Lives in New Zealand and loves to play video games.He is really good at babysitting and loves to take care of babies.He works as a construction site and loves to build also takes care of his family and friends.

1.If an earthquake hit your city what would you do?
Thats a great idea if nobody died then that means it's not that much or if there homes were destroyed. Then that will mean that they need help and the people around the world can help to.

 2.How would you make Nepal better?
I can make Nepal better so they can have a better life and be happy with there family and friends.Now that the earthquake is gone they can have a peaceful village..

3.What were thoughts about the Nepal earthquake?
I thought the earthquake was really scary because what if we had a earthquake what would you do?I will Find a safe place for me and my family. So they are safe and wait until it's gone away.

This week in reading we have been learning about what happened in Nepal there was a devastating news about Nepal they had a earthquake.

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