Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Get Ready winter is coming

WALT:write a news style report

Walking in A winter wonderland?

Winter is coming and we need to be  prepared for winter because in winter it is really cold and rainy. Also you don’t want to walk your child to school.

Pt England student are complaining about walking in the rain.Their parents say’’ you are still going to school even if it rains’’ The kids are still complaining because when they go to school and then go back home your shoes will be wet and you close will be wet.

Winter is the coldest season of the year. There could be a storm and it would be cold so it might be safe that you should stay home and close schools down, also you would need to watch the roads because it will be slippery.

Some student such as Yvonne at Pt England school have been saying ‘’that school should be still opened during winter’’. On the other hand Venetia at Pt England school says’’Kids should not be walking to school in the rain’’. 

Today in class we were writing about winter coming i have written a report on the cold season ahead of us. 

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