Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Christchurch Interview

WALT:Find proof of the authors message.

If an earthquake hit your city, what would it mean for you?
It would mean a lot because someone might get hurt from my family and if my whole family got trapped the under a building then I will be on my own.

What are your thoughts on the Christchurch earthquake?

I thought it was a tragedy and I was very upset because some of my family lived there and they had to live with us for a few months until their home was built and they left recently and gave me the game which is called Krang Castle.

How would you react if an earthquake hit your city?

I would be scared and I will help my friends and my family,also DROP,COVER,HOLD.I think I would go underneath a strong table or chair and tell my mother.
This week in reading we were learning about finding and digging into the text of the book and find the proof of the authors message. If you thought this was a good bad or great interview then leave me a comments. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED!!

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