Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Two Little Pigs murdered By The wolf

WALT: Write a News style report.
Byline: Lani Puri, Pt England.
13 May 2015  

Two little pigs homes have been destroyed by the wolf and have been killed.The third pig survived and destroyed the wolf.    

P1. There was Three little pigs that got sent away from their mother they were visually attacked by the wolf. The two little pigs didn’t survive through the attack so the third little pig survive and managed to kill the wolf.

P2. The two little pigs got murdered by the wolf because the first pig built his house with straw and the second wolf built his house with sticks and both pigs house’s weren’t strong enough.The wolf blew their house down and he ate the two little pigs.

P3.The third little pig made his house out of.The wolf came and tried and tried to blow the last pig’s house down that was made out of bricks.Then he got angry and climbed through the pig’s house and the little pig’s got a pot with water and put it on the fire place and the wolf splashed into the HOT water.

interview the 3th pig

How did it feel to lose your two brothers?
It feel’s so sad it's really sad losing two brothers that got eaten from a wolf I straight fell to the ground and started crying.

when you were sent away from your mother how did you react?
Well I felt upset because I love spending time with my mum and i love her very much and my brothers too.

What is your reaction if the wolf turned up to your door?
Well that is a great question well i would be very scared that it turned up to my door but i will hit it with the pan.

Task: This week we've been learning about writing a news report. This news report is about the three little pigs and the big bad wolf.well here is what I have wrote about the The three little pigs I hope you like it.

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