Monday, 10 August 2015

Applying for a job


I am applying for porch cleaner because I always help my mum at home so the house looks clean and spotless.I love to clean up places especially the community and my school.

I am applying for this job because I am responsible and trustworthy person when it comes to cleaning.I am also good at cleaning other things like washing the dish,cleaning my room and sweeping the floor.I would even put the shoes together even if it smells like to jams especially the boys shoes.I really really want this job.Cleaning is my favourite thing to do because I just love cleaning.

Hi it’s superman here i’m just here to tell you about Lani Because she is really good at cleaning up and helping other people,because every time Lani comes to my house and I need help with something she just says do you need help. Lani is a very helpful and incredible girl.So you have to pick her!!!

Sincerely Lani

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