Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Trade Fair

WALT:use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader.
This term our topic is Trade & Enterprise, Two weeks ago team 4 had a trade fair,it was the bestest day because we make the orders for the customers and then when it’s the real day we give the product to the person who ordered.Buying and selling things with our own money in our bank.

A trade fair is when you have a group of project that you and your group has made and then you want to sell it.A trade fair means that you trade things to other people that have ordered from,also when you are trading thing that you or your group has made.Trade fairs can make you have heaps of money because a lot of people want to buy your product if it’s cool or awesome.

In our trade and enterprise we had our own groups like kitchen,jewelry,Homeware, Music,Toys and Custom stationery,The group that I was in was Jewelry My group name is the Mystic Designers,What we do in Jewelry is we plan our product then we pick what kind of things we make with it.The product that I making with my group is making very different kind of cool loom bands that they haven’t seen before.  

The trade fair was pretty cool and fun and some of the product was really expensive for me.What  I ordered the was a oreo brownie,When I came back from buying stuff there was a hole lot of people buying me and my groups product.Some were expensive and some were really cheap and who ever ordered something from the Jewelry’s they got to get a lolie from my business teacher.When I went to check out the other people’s product people were hustling other people to come and order.

Yay I can’t wait until we sell our stuff on week 8, because people who ordered from the jewelry group they will be really happy and they will love the design and the colours that me and my group has made.To me the trade fair sounds fun because there is food,braclets,necklace and much more.I just really want to get the food because sometimes I smell food I feel like eating the whole food to myself.Hope you enjoy my story.

I have learned how to paint a picture in our own readers head. I also learned how to make new vocab words in my story.Hope you enjoy my story.

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