Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Chocolate is the Best Sweet Thing to Eat

WALT: Use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader

The Cadbury Jaffa is made with a lots of small honey in the chocolate looked like gold and it has jaffa’s like medium red M&M’s. It obviously comes in a packet that says cadbury on it, so its not hard to recognise on the shelf. The jaffa costs $3.50 for a king size chocolate.

The cadbury Jaffa had a sweet taste of gold honey crystal shining from the sun  was melting in my mouth it felt like I had a mouth full of yummy chocolate, when I took a bite it came to me and it was like I was in chocolate land. The Jaffa was really good and chocolatey.The smell made me think that I was in willy wonka’s chocolate factory eating all the chocolate. The square shape felt like I was eating the whole chocolate to myself.

The best way to improve on this chocolate is to change the good jaffa chocolate to the really really good jaffa chocolate,I think they should confiscate the goo jaffa chocolate. You should change it to a lot of jaffa chocolate and a lot of honey in it to an it would make the best chocolate ever.

I think I could recommend this product to anyone because I think that everyone would like this jaffa chocolate in there mouth,But then when I looked at it looked beautiful.So there are some people that like this chocolate and some other people who don’t like this chocolate there are two people with different taste’s.

Description of learning:
We tasted the chocolate without knowing the flavour. We did that because when we know what we are eating it changes the way our brain thinks about it, it was really cool. When we did this we had to fill out this taste observation sheet of what we saw, felt, tasted and smelt.  We had to write one or two words that describes the chocolate, We were trying to paint a picture in someone’s mind.I will give it a 5/5

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