Thursday, 15 September 2016

Hiwi the kiwi

Mark the founder of Hiwi the Kiwi, came to Pt england school with his lovely wife Chrissy. They were explaining about how we need to keep our birds safe and we need to be water safety. Hiwi the kiwi announced that they would be teaching us why we need to keep our areas clean.

Hiwi the Kiwi was entertaining and inspiring us about wearing life jacket around water. He also sang us a song about saving our fish and feeding our families.Mark and Chrissy have been married for 40 years and have a great relationship.They sing a lot of songs when they visit school around New Zealand.

Mark told us to keep our birds safe by not littering and pick up rubbish even if it’s not your’s. A can or a plastic bag can end up killing five hundred birds and fish every year. Sea birds don’t really care about what’s in the sea they just fly down and think it’s fish. When you go fishing you always need to take like a water gun to scare the birds away.When the birds dive down when you are fishing they want to try and take the fish away but they don’t know that the hook is in the fish.

When mark told us about some of the stories like about how two men tried to think they were all that but actually were scared, I was really hooked into this one he said ‘’ to always wear life jacket when you are in the water or fishing’’.   

I really enjoyed this show because it has taught me heaps of things that I don’t know and maybe I can go fishing in the future with my family.

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