Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Reflection about Term 3

Introduction -
Becoming a year 8 is going to be harder than I thought because the teacher are all going to be depending on us to be good role models for next year. What I liked about this year was how Mrs Tele’a would always put us on Re - think for coming late to school, not bring your P.E tops and being bad in class.

Highlights / Memories  -
My favorite highlights for this term would be about learning Te Reo, playing sports  
And learning in class. Some memories that I remembered about this term would be how we had cross country which I came 4th in, fitness everyday and the rotations when the year 8 go to tech.                    

Funny moments -  
My funny moments for term 3 would be about how Mrs Tele’a would always tell us jokes in class. Also when cameo tried to kick the soccer ball but instead she did the splits   

Goals for next term -  
My goals for next term would be to write more better stories and use different words, solve my work out using my knowledge and to also read more books at home. My goal for next term would also be finish it off properly.    

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